Let’s Talk about Stress, Baby

As Nick and I embark on our 10+ hour drive to return to Atlanta, I can feel my anxiety rising. After a stress-free break and wonderfully relaxing week with family in AR, it’s hard to imagine getting back into the swing of work. This happens every time after a break. (The homesick feelings don’t helpContinue reading “Let’s Talk about Stress, Baby”

Now What?

For those of you following along, you’re probably wondering, “If you’re not going to teach, what ARE you going to do?” If you were expecting an answer, you’ll only be disappointed because I don’t know yet. Yup, you read that right. I don’t know what I want to do next. I’m 26, I’ve tried outContinue reading “Now What?”

Don’t Press Snooze on Your Wake Up Call

I talked briefly about how I learned that life is too short. The realization that everything can change in an instant hit me hard. It wasn’t just Covid that woke me up to this. My best friend’s dad was diagnosed with cancer in the middle of a global pandemic. Someone who I consider a secondContinue reading “Don’t Press Snooze on Your Wake Up Call”