New wife, dog mama, and aspiring author

Hey y’all! My name is Julia Berman. Wow, I’m still getting used to introducing myself this way, if I’m being honest! I was Julia Spendio for over 26 years, so forgive me as I adjust to my new married name! (Hello, front of the alphabet! Who’s with me!?) 

While this has been- by far- the happiest season of my life, it is just one of the many changes that I’ve experienced in this already wild year. (Go home, 2020, you’re drunk.) A few months before we tied the knot, my then-fiancé and I embarked on a new journey: a ten hour drive in a 24 foot truck, moving from Arkansas to Georgia. With a new state came a new job. With a new job came new coworkers and bosses. New friends. New city to explore. New everything. Throw Covid into the mix and it has been quite the eventful few months! 

The things you need to know about me if you plan to follow this blog are as follows:

  1. The life changes I experienced this year spurred me into action creating this blog!
  2. I think I’m experiencing my quarter life crisis. Again…Hello, blog!
  3. Why Georgia by John Mayer is the song of my soul in this phase of life. For many, many reasons that are painfully obvious and probably a little cliche. 
  4. Through all of my struggles, (some of which you might relate to) I believe in staying positive, following your dreams, and that the world and people are still magical despite it all. 

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences as a new wife who is navigating making friends, starting a new job (and realizing it might be time for a new career path), and trying to find her place in a new city all the while a global pandemic hovers and lurks around each corner. I hope that you might find something you can relate to and recognize that you aren’t alone in your feelings. 

This blog is my way to cope and process all of the new in my life. As well as an outlet to put myself out there in the hopes of connecting with people who are in similar situations! And maybe along the way I’ll discover my next career move! That would be a really great bonus. 

So, here she is. My Quarter Life Crisis Coping Mechanism/Quarantine Baby/Passion Project. Let’s do this!



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