rain delay

Rainy days are one of two things: a treasure or torture. Luckily for me, today is a treasure.

Wednesdays are virtual days at my school, so I get to work from home. This means sleeping in, eating a hot breakfast, spending time with my dogs, and getting to pee whenever I want (where my fellow teachers at!?)! There is no shortage of work to be done around the house, but that’s okay—I get to wear sweats all day!

I had big plans to be extra productive today—and I was. At the start. I finished lesson planning, a productive and helpful phone call, and almost completed my chores (hey, it’s better than not starting)! My productivity halted when the rain came in. At first I felt disappointed I wouldn’t be able to run get out of the house, but then I did something I hadn’t planned on for today: I sat down on the couch.

This isn’t groundbreaking for me. My couch and I go way back. We have a standing date every weekday at 4:00. What I is groundbreaking is that I never sit down during the work day. I’m constantly up and moving, doing 500 tasks at once. The pace only speeds up as the day goes on. Today, I sat down and took a break. It felt great!

Sure, there are chores still begging me to come finish, but I got to have some unexpected self care time. Plus, Elsie and Benny came and cuddled up next to me. Made the whole thing even sweeter!

This rainy day turned out to be a treasure and a good reminder that sometimes stopping and taking a break is necessary—even if you don’t realize you need it!

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