Let’s Talk about Stress, Baby

As Nick and I embark on our 10+ hour drive to return to Atlanta, I can feel my anxiety rising. After a stress-free break and wonderfully relaxing week with family in AR, it’s hard to imagine getting back into the swing of work.

This happens every time after a break. (The homesick feelings don’t help at all). “Sunday Scaries” are the real deal. I know I am not alone on this front as people in all different fields experience this. But what I have found is that in my time off and away from the pressure at work, my skin is clear, I feel rested, and I feel peaceful.

This was not the case before break. My stress had been so high that my skin was breaking out, I wasn’t sleeping, and I felt as though I was lashing out at every slight inconvenience. Anxiety-ridden and overwhelmed each day. Anyone else feel that way? Or maybe you have experienced a more intense physical reaction from stress? I have neared panic attacks recently, but luckily have been able to breathe my way out of it. (That breathe in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4 trick is really helpful if ya need an idea!)

It’s just amazing to me how stress can affect us mentally and physically and in such varying ways. It is also amazing to me how some people use stress for good rather than letting it overtake them. I fall into the latter. I’m working on it, though. I am trying to be better about exercising even after a long, hard day. I’ve taken a little break from writing on here and writing my book, but I know that I shouldn’t because it’s something that brings me so much joy! So, I’ve revisited some of my 2021 resolutions and am working on ways to minimize the stress.

After all, it’ll always be there. No matter what job I have or what is going on in life. So to all of you who have found successful (and healthy) ways to manage stress… PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS!

I feel better getting my thoughts organized and put into words, but I would still feel more equipped to handle the week back if I had some new ideas to manage stress! So, fire away! I’ll be grateful to you (and so will everyone around me-ha!)

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