Our “New Normal” Is Not My Jam

The hardest part about Covid and moving hundreds of miles from your friends and family is missing out on life events!

I was supposed to be back in NWA for one of my best friend’s baby shower! Instead, I’m sitting on my couch typing this post. Don’t get me wrong, I love this newfound hobby, but I’d rather be celebrating my friend and her baby girl and visiting my family.

With all of the “new” you experience when you first move, it’s easy to forget missing home. It’s easy to throw your focus at setting up the house, preparing for your job, etc. But when the dust settles and the “new” fades, that’s when you really start to remember and miss home.

That’s normal. I know it is because I moved a lot growing up. I watched it happen to my parents and felt it myself. What’s not normal (or I should say, “In our new normal…”) is that getting on a plane to come see my friends and family could potentially get them sick. Why would I want to risk giving Covid to my pregnant friend who is less than 2 months from having her baby!? These life events were easy enough to miss because I’m far away, but now I have to miss them because I don’t want to risk getting anyone sick! Screw the cheap flight if it means I hurt the people I care about!

It is almost worse this way than being too far away. That makes sense to me. That is “normal.” Being so close to getting to go home, but unable to for fear of spreading this virus. That does not make sense to me. That is not “normal.”

So, now I wait. Until the next time I can visit. I’ll settle for pictures and FaceTime and sending a text that says “I wish I was there!” Because that’s all I can do today. But tomorrow, I’ll start planning a trip home that hopefully will work out!

The best way I know how to get over missing your people is by planning the next trip to see them! Having something to look forward to eases the sting of not being able to see them right now. What do you do when you miss your friends and family who live far away?

✨the friends I would have seen today✨

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