Luck and Other Things

I was a very lucky bride…in a lot of ways. I was lucky that my parents had a big enough yard to use as our venue when Covid restrictions would have made it nearly impossible to host a reception at our original spot. I was lucky that our vendors were able to adapt and accommodate our new plan with weeks to spare. I was lucky that so many family members and friends made the trip to come to our wedding and EXTREMELY lucky that no one got sick. I was lucky that the weather was perfect (we had no back up plan if it rained so this was huge)! And I was lucky that my parents paid for our wedding.

I am beyond grateful to them for their hard work and the gift they gave to Nick and me.

With someone else paying the bills, it can be easy to get carried away with spending, but I tried really hard to find deals and cut costs where I could without compromising the overall design of the reception. (I say I like it was just me, but let me tell ya: there was a whole TEAM working on this baby!) We got a little creative in some ways to make dreams into reality while being budget conscious. One of those ways was actually purchasing items rather than renting.

Did you know it costs $4 to rent copper chargers at some event rentals, but a little over a dollar to buy them from a whole sale catering website? Now, I know that seems crazy to buy 150+ chargers rather than rent them, but when you do the math, you come away with quite a bit of savings!

So, what do you do with all the chargers after the wedding? Look no further than my kitchen table and dining room table!

My mom and sisters each have a set now, too! The rest are in the storage room, but I’m sure we can repurpose them somehow!

While cutting cost was a big factor in the decision to buy these, I have a confession as to the other motivations in play: I knew my mom would be kind enough to let me keep some so that I could incorporate them into my house decor. Yes, I pushed for the purchase in order to save money to help my dad out on the budget. Yes, I was selfishly trying to convince my mom it was a better option so that I could have a beautiful dining room table. No, I don’t have any regrets.

Repurposing the wedding decor in my own home has not only kept me from spending money on home decor, but also given me a creative outlet to find ways to incorporate the pieces into my every day life. Each wedding decoration that I’ve kept, I’ve found a way to include in my home! From candelabras on my dining room table to the dried flowers of my bouquet to my grandmother’s gold mirror in my bedroom, I get to relive the memories of our best day, every day!

Like I said, I’m very lucky.

Have you repurposed any wedding decor in your home?

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