Go Home 2020, You’re Drunk…

As we’re all reflecting on this past year, I thought I’d share my take, too.

No year is ever going to be perfect. Granted, 2020 was probably the furthest from it. It was unprecedented and unpredictable. It was challenging. It was tragic. It was disappointing. It was a lot. Like A LOT. But, was it ALL bad? I think we do ourselves a disservice by forgetting the good things that came out of 2020. Your good things may not outweigh the bad, but they were there. There were moments (even if only a few) that were bright spots. We had hopeful times. We saw communities come together, families spending time together, creativity blossoming, and so much more. It was not a perfect year by any means, but it wasn’t ALL bad either.

2021 is promising and full of all the hope a new year brings. But it will not be perfect, either. I just hope we all choose to focus on the good even during the hard times and uncertainty. There is no guarantee for what is in store in the coming year, but I am confident we will find joy, hope, and positivity if we look for it!

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